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Food as Medicine Meal Plan


Food as Medicine Meal Plan


FOR HOME OR OFFICE DELIVERY: Please remember your cooler.


Product Description

Hearty enough to keep you full and light enough to help you

still feel well…

We can’t wait to get busy in the kitchen so you don’t have to!


1/2 Gallon Immune Boosting Green Rx (4 – 16 oz servings)
1 Quart Butternut Squash Soup (2 – 16 oz servings)
1 Quart Dreamy Tomato (2 – 16 oz servings)
1 Quart Clarissa’s Detox Soup (2 – 16 oz servings)
3 Cranberry & Walnut Oatmeal (3 – 12 oz servings)
2 POWer Chia Seed Pudding (2 – 8 oz. servings)
Dark Chocolate   (2 servings)

Only $137.00

Delivery : TUESDAY
FOR HOME OR OFFICE DELIVERY: Please remember your cooler.

Why Soups & Stews?
Our cooking and un-cooking process unlocks nutrients and increases the bioavailability of fat-soluble vitamins & nutrients. 

Plants are rich in antioxidants that trap cancer-causing free radicals, reduce inflammation, and fight against diabetes.

Our version of the intermittent fast – proven to boost metabolism, refresh immunity, detoxify the organs, and shed unwanted weight.

The Full Lotus Difference!

The brainchild of Clarissa Kussin, The Food as Medicine Meals make it easier for people to  increase energy and save time.

Every hearty meal is plant based, gluten-free and always made with love and intention. For a warmer approach, think soup from Full Lotus! We prep, chop, cook and clean up so you don’t have to!

What our clients say:
  • I want to keep quarts of this stuff in my freezer it was so good, and it kept me full for hours.
  • Ohhh boy this is GREAT, your food is f@3cking delicious!
  • I needed help during Chemo and this turned out to be the best answer.
  • These soups are fantastic. 
  • All food is fully prepared and all I need to do is open and eat? I love it!
  • This meal service has saved me valuable time that can be spent doing other things.
  • The meals are plant based, nutrient dense and full of superfoods? I love them!
  • Every one of the soups I tasted was fantastic. Highly recommend these soups for anyone looking for a dietary reboot! 
  • We are loving it!
  • Food is excellent, thanks! Loving everything.
  • After working with Clarissa all my digestive issues and post Chemo symptoms are gone.

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 1 x 1 x 1 in


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