In the Kitchen with Clarissa…

Designed for the wellness seeker, lover or wannabe too.  Clarissa offers a variety of cooking classes on everything delicious and nutritious. Emphasizing local, sustainable and organic ingredients, where quality and flavor are always at the center of the plate.

The goal of Cooking with Clarissa is to go beyond teaching a recipe. Clarissa loves to teach you how to keep it simple and sustainable for lasting results. Once you understand how to make it all work, you can use your creativity to lovingly and confidently develop your own immune boosting, disease fighting and beauty food creations.

Whose Cooking it up in the Kitchen with Clarissa??

Healthy Couples, Private, Group and Corporate Team Building clients or maybe you’re just trying to get your family to turn a new leaf or turn a new leaf on your health.  Cooking with Clarissa is an exciting way to grow your skills, learn ways to upgrade your plate and have a good time!  

Some Class Themes Include:

  • Low Carb & Ketogenic Friendly
  • Paleo
  • Digetsive Wellness Essentials
  • Detox Fundamentals
  • Ayurvedic Diet
  • Superfoods
  • Raw & Revitalized
  • Guiltless Desserts & Snacks
  • Bela’s Sephardic and Puerto Rican Classics

Brunch, No Reservations Necessary!  Us in the kitchen customizing and upgrading your health.
Are you ready to claim some fame in your kitchen? We’ll do it together.