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Kitchen Education

Re-charge, Re-set, Re-invest in your life.

How would you like to increase energy, decrease inflammation and turn back the clock?

What if I tell you that you can learn to do all these and I can help you transform the way you eat, feel, sleep and think? Lets boost your immune system and get you feeling better by implementing some simple practices… IF you are you ready to feel and look better than you have in years then it’s time to re-charge and re-focus your energy to eating clean so that you and your body will start enjoying life again.

Hi, I’m Clarissa. Most people call me “The Juice Lady”. I’m here to help you understand what you are eating, learn why it’s working or why it’s not and make sure you are experiencing health, happiness and longevity. Let me guide you on what to stack in your fridge or be your personal chef when you need extra help. Scroll down for more information about my services and let’s get started!  Learn more about Clarissa 




Our clients experience:

  • Increased Energy
  • Fat Loss
  • Decreased Inflammation
  • Digestive Repair
  • Sound Sleep


DeTOX your Kitchen?Personal Chef ServicesIn the Kitchen with ClarissaNutritional Cleanse Packages & Cellular Regeneration Protocols

DeTOX your Kitchen?

Who is This For? YOU!

During our session I come into your home and help you understand what we need to ditch and why. We start in the pantry and cupboards then move to the fridge and clear room for the “good stuff”. We make space for energy boosting, weight loss, immune strengthening, fat blasting and clean living food options that will build and repair your most prized possession…YOUR BODY!

Once we eliminate the energy sucking, sleep depriving toxins, called cellulite a.k.a the fat traps, we can sit down and talk about what really works and why.

This is my proven system for success.

You get the following handouts + e-guides

  • List of Pantry & Condiment Staples
  • List of Cooking Supplies
  • List of Immune Boosting MUST have ingredients
  • 9 Smoothies that will Change your Life e-guide
  • 3 Day Juice Cleanse e-guide
  •  Ditch The Bloat e-guide

I help to make this process is short and sweet for you. Once your kitchen has been DeToxed and the slate has been wiped clean you will begin your transformation. And don’t worry, if you need a little extra love until you can fully find your way, I have plenty of fat zapping, energy building programs to support you.

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Personal Chef  Services Personal Chef Services

  • Do you eat out more than your waistline would like?
  • Do you have a hard time preparing  fresh and delicious meals?
  • Do you want increased energy and vibrant skin?
  • Do you feed your kids junk food because you don’t know what else to do?
  • Do you want to eat healthier but confused about all the information you hear?
  • Do run out of the house without eating?
  • Do you want to save time, save money and stop throwing food away?
  • Do you want to make your life easier?
  • Are you experiencing major medical issues?
  • Are you preparing for or recovering from surgery?
  • Are you trying everything else and nothing is working?

If you answered YES to any of those questions then YOU ready for our services


I found Clarissa during a really difficult time for me.  I am a recovering cancer survivor.  I needed help changing my diet immediately, and I didn’t know how or WANT to cook!  Clarissa came highly recommended and I quickly experienced why. I continue to recommend her to others!
Cancer ASS KICKER, Chapel Hill

I’m a busy surgeon at Duke, and so is my husband… We have four beautiful and energetic children… We love to eat simple, healthy and disease fighting meals PLUS have boundless energy to help us perform at work and at home, we knew Clarissa was they missing link to our already full and gratifying lives. We are extremely happy, healthy and satisfied with our partnership with Full Lotus.  Do yourself a favor and meet Clarissa TODAY!

Surgeons, Duke University Medical Center

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In the Kitchen with Clarissa…

WHO is this for? YOU!


  • You want to learn how to master the art of cooking
  • You have completed a Full Lotus prepared Detox and you want to make every recipe in the comfort of your own home?
  • You have purchased a Full Lotus DIY Program and you need a little jumpstart in your own kitchen to follow through.
  • You are ready to be empowered in your kitchen and you want my support.
  • You’ve started buying REAL FOOD and you want me to show you how make it taste DELICIOUS.
  • Your current meal plan needs an upgrade.

If you love somebody – give the gift of cooking. ... Gift Certificates Available

90 Minutes with you and me in the kitchen (yep, I am a chef and you are going to be one too) Pick a category and we make 3 meals Cost for your creations (food not included) plus services (travel included).

Choose your Category :

  • Liquid Gold
  • Smoothie vs. Juice
  • Detox Classics
  • Guiltless Desserts & Snacks
  • Breakfast Pro Fuel
  • Meatless Mondays
  • Paleo Pump
  • Immuno Blastoff

Brunch, No Reservations Necessary You and Me in the kitchen customizing your health.
Are you ready to claim some fame in your kitchen? We’ll do  it together.

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“Clarissa worked closely with me. She made sure she had a thorough understanding of my (and my husbands) preferences, and health needs to achieve our goals. If you are looking for support in addition to delicious and disease-fighting meals PLEASE call Clarissa.

 Warrior Wellness Solutions Family,  Carthage  NC

Nutritional Cleanse Packages + Cellular Regeneration Protocols

Due to an often toxic environment and less-than-healthy diet, detoxification is necessary from time to time to remain clear and energetic. For centuries people have been cleansing to gain mental clarity, lose weight, and improve their overall well-being.

Full Lotus specializes in Nutritional Cellular Detoxification Protocols; they are effective, comprehensive, and supported by a line of botanical herbs and tinctures of the highest quality.  A nutritional detoxification program that uses energy building and immune boosting foods to help the body in the detox process are most successful. Our protocols are known to be the most effective and supported in the industry. In addition to delicious and juicy nutrients, it is helpful to add in botanical herbs, tinctures, capsules and salves that move your lymph and encourage deep elimination. Our Detox programs programs are focused on two major fluids (blood and lymph) and the cells of the body: leading to detoxification and regeneration. Full Lotus is a root based not “treatment based.” methodology.  We focus and encourage the human race to change their consciousness towards HEALTH based solutions only.

You will focus on abundance rather than restriction. You will learn how to incorporate natural foods into your daily routine while making connections with what you eat and how it affects your body!

I have designed self-paced programs to detoxify and cleanse yourself. You are always your own we are just a guide. Wether you are looking into jump starting your system with one of our 14, 28 or 60 day DIY clean eating programs or  committing to a full transformational cellular regeneration protocol, I’m here to guide you. Choose from your options below:

14-Day Refresh

28 Day Revitalize

Cellular Regeneration Protocols

It’s tougher for some to stick with a program than others, which is why we want to support a team effort! We offer DIY programs or 1:1 programs. Invest in your goals and trust the process by booking an appointment with Clarissa to decide which is the path for you.  We also offer discounts and savings for group and corporate parties looking to purchase wellness packages that include nutrition and mindful movement.

Get 15% discount for groups of 10 or more people.
[Offices – Please contact us for corporate rates.]

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This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts.


Kitchen Education December 5, 2014

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