?Clo's 5 Winter Rituals for a Strong Immune System ?

For the past 7 years  I have been able to enjoy the winters healthy, strong and energized. This is no fluke… I do not live in a bubble! I have children, have a very active business life and  am around all kinds of  sneezing, coughing and germs.  I work with clients daily, many of whom are sick, putting me at higher risk than your average person.

My body remains resilient because I follow these 5 steps below. No over the counter crap required. Lots of Vitamin L though….❤️

  1. Clarissa’s Immune Boosting Smoothie for breakfast. Smoothie in the winter? YES! The kids love it too. We need something  quick, filling, tasty, nourishing, and full of the energy we all need to get through a busy morning.                                   *BLENDER:  coconut milk, water, coconut oil, baby greens, frozen organic blueberries, warming cinnamon and YOUR favorite plant based protein powder and a dash of Vitamin L.
  2. 5 Minute Morning Meditation: Meditation is always a work in progress for me, and honestly these days at home it’s about 5 minutes in the morning. I can’t always hit my favorite class or weekend workshop so that 5 minutes minutes daily is vital. I am still able to access the sense of calm and clarity that comes from my longer practice. It’s a SUPER  stress and anxiety buster, but we all know the research shows it ups our immune function too. BONUS
  3. Supplement with Vitamin D: In the summer, you can find our family down East in the Jacksonville/Swansboro area. We are all   beach nuts and honestly do a lot of direct sun without sunscreen, so I seasonally opt out of supplementing with vitamin d since I’m getting from it’s natural source: the sun. BUT, when fall hits I begin to incorporate it into my supplement routine – I take a dosage that is fit for what my blood work levels show, per my doctor Dr. Beck.  Vitamin D is known to  boost immunity and MOOD  so it really helps me feel healthy and happy all winter long.
  4. Herbal Adaptogens.  Herbs such as andrographis, chamomile, elderberry, and ashwagandha  help my body adapt to stress. If my body is well adapted to stress than I can better handle and fight off infection and bacteria that come my way.  I have  calming ritual pr-bedtime. This calming ritual grounds me at the end of the day and soothes my system to ease into a restful sleep. I make  a nice cup of chamomile. Chamomile has been used for centuries by herbalists as a gentle yet effective remedy to ease the nervous system, incdentely coconut oil with magnesium rubbed on my legs helps also. My herbal ally coupled with my Yoga Nidra CD has been an  effective as a sleep aid for me. It is imperative that I sleep well so that I am at optimal immune function.
  5. Sweet zzzz’s: Getting a solid 7-8 hours of sleep a night is essential for me to feel my best, and I try to hit the rack by 10pm . If I wait until after 11pm I get a second cortisol surge. THIS IS NO bueno for me. I just get super wired and tired at the same time and it SUCKS– The quality of my sleep is super important and getting started at 10pm helps me avoid interrupted sleep patterns and agitation.  Quality sleep not only helps increase my immune function  but it’s also an important time for my body to detox and restore… something I am wild about.

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